About me


         Name                                    Ivo Cunha

          Date of Birth                   24/04/1991

           City of Birth                    Porto, Portugal

           Current City                   Gzira, Malta




“I am a games specialist, that provides multidisciplinary game development skills for all phases of development.”

Multidisciplinary Game Design • Game QA & Testing

I began acquiring experience as a freelancer while simultaneously earning a Polytechnic degree in Digital Game Design. I then started my full-time professional experience by joining a games company in Germany. There, my responsibilities grew to include a leadership role in project game design. Since then, I’ve worked in companies across Europe and on many titles (such as “Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms” and “Linkin Park: Recharge”).

I keep working on side projects as well. My Portfolio can be accessed through my website.





One of the things that leaves a deep, lasting impression on a gamer is how immersed they are in the world. A good video game design makes you forget that you are playing a game and makes you feel like you are in a living, breathing in that world. Of course, there are certain “gamey” elements that can break the immersion, and sometimes these are unavoidable. The key for me when designing is to find a way to restore the immersion quickly and not break the experience in any way to the player, thus rendering success.


Game development requires the know-how for it’s very specific demands. I have participated in the various game development stages and functions, from programming to drawing, from animation to writing. This made me very versatile and gave me the most complete understanding behind the theoretical points. I can cover any part in a game or app project development, so that everything is covered and there are no show-stoppers.


Besides the design and development stands, I have possess strong organizational skills that make the projects meet deadlines. Pressure is not foe of mine and things will end up done at the end. I always manage ways to fix and solve issues to keep things going. For me quality cannot be sacrificed and that’s part of what makes it challenging and compelling, making me push always for the best. I am a perfectionist.

Detail oriented and observation

I have eye for detail and those matter. Details make the difference between a good and a bad product – between success and failure. I attempt all possible triggers to find all bugs possible.

Investigation and troubleshooting skills

It’s one thing to stumble on a bug like a player or a amateur would. It’s another to be able to find the steps that will reproduce the defect. I have over one year of professional testing experience on platforms that match hundreds of thousands of players.

Tolerance to repetitive and tedious tasks

Testing is for some a very tedious task. I have a high level of tolerance (I’m a Taurus) and I don’t mind having to take ages to find it.

Analytic thinking

I’m not exactly a clicking monkey tester: I act through analytic thinking. What does that mean? If I am given a specific document mentioning that the game should accomplish X and Y, I I will be able to write test scenarios covering the different aspects of X and Y. This is important for me since it allows me to have better and quicker results (more bug-free builds) for the game.

Good communication

I am able to express myself with ease. I write flawless bug reports to be able to explain in an effective way what went wrong. Even through more organizational formal process, like a PM Tool (such as trello, redmine, youtrack, etc) I can submit my written test cases and/or document my test strategy.

Ethic and passion

Crucial for me (not only as a tester), because it’s so easy to ignore a bug and hope nobody will find out. For me, trust is important and I offer that to my employer. I am able to sit in front of a video game and interact with it all day long because I am very passionate about it. I can “dig” any game genre.





Game Design 100%

Test & QA 100%

Software 85%

Programming 70%

Art 65%

Mechatronics 55%

Writting 80%


Communication 80%

Creativity 90%

Teamwork 80%

Organization 95%

Adaptability 100%

Languages 65%

Humour 105%


Music 85%

Sport 60%

History 95%

Travelling 75%

Technology 95%

Games 100%


Italian 40%

Spanish 90%

Portuguese 100%

German 60%

French 30%

English 100%